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MIR is located at 1890 Orange Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373.

The school is built in a village style consisting of one main building on our south campus, and three smaller buildings on the north, connected by a pedestrian bridge. This setting encourages a sense of community and belonging for the students.

The campus is situated in the middle of a 12-acre grapefruit grove, divided east to west by the Morrey Arroyo. This environment is an important extension of the classroom. It provides beauty, safety, learning opportunities, and physical development for the students, and fosters respect and appreciation of the natural world.

The campus is graced with gardens, play areas, a labyrinth, walkways, benches, and picnic tables, and a large soccer field and play court (basketball, volleyball).


A prepared environment is one of the cornerstones of Montessori education. Maria Montessori observed that the environment can be designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration by the student. Each classroom at MIR is arranged by the teacher for this purpose.

The teachers themselves are part of this prepared environment. In an authentic Montessori school, teachers are required to go through specialized training and teaching practice based on the principles and practices of Association Montessori Internationale.

Montessori Northwest, an AMI-affiliated Montessori teacher training center, provides an excellent, detailed description of the environment of an authentic Montessori classroom, and what happens inside that classroom. You will see all of these characteristics in MIR's classrooms.

The following video from Montessori materials maker Nienhuis Montessori is a good introduction to a typical Primary Montessori classroom. Visit the pages describing each academic level at MIR for a video of the MIR classrooms in action.