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Montessori Home Learning

The MIR Home Learning Program creates a Montessori-based education framework that serves our students while supporting parents as we all adapt to a different daily routine. It is important to us that the children's activity during this time be enjoyable, thoughtful, challenging, and rewarding.

MIR teachers are working closely with families to discuss goals and plans for each student. Our goal is to work in collaboration with families to keep alive the culture of learning that is unique to Montessori and provide families with support and activities that match the developmental needs and characteristics of the student.

Format of the Program

The Montessori Home Learning Program incorporates formal teacher-guided learning as well as providing families with resources for activities at home.

Each day, teachers email a greeting with suggested activities to the entire class. They also provide individual work suggestions for each student based on the student's needs (daily, weekly, or as often as the student is able to participate in Home Learning). Online learning journals are used to track the students’ work and serve as a communication tool between parents and teachers. Online conferencing through Zoom is used for face-to-face discussions, lessons, storytimes, and to keep the classroom community connected.

Montessori Home Learning Handbook

We encourage you to review the Montessori Home Learning Handbook. The Handbook helps set the context for Montessori Home Learning and defines expectations for parents and children.

Family Manuals

The Family Manuals are intended to supplement activities suggested by the teachers. The manuals offer ideas and activities that children and families can use at home, based on MIR's Student Learner Outcomes. Please use this as a selection of options when you are looking for ideas and inspiration. Even if your child is not yet a student at MIR, you are welcome to use these resources.