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Student Support Services

The MIR Student Services Program provides support to children who need help meeting developmental or academic milestones. Students are identified and referred to our Student Services Team for evaluation and support. The Student Services Program aims to bridge the gap for those students with learning challenges who are not able to reach their full potential without direct help.

Taking a personalized approach, the Student Services Program allows children with special needs to be fully integrated into their classroom communities, as services are provided on-site. Services include: 

  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Executive functioning and social skills development and support
  • Tutoring support in math and reading

Student Services Team

The Student Services team cutting the ribbon for the Student Services Center, which opened in spring of 2017. The new center offers dedicated, private spaces for all of our services program. From left to right: Saskia de Jong, Jody Pighin, Michelle Moudry, Dorama Montoya, and Margaretann Harrison.