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How to Apply

We are delighted you consider MIR to be right for your family!

Following are the required steps to apply and enroll at MIR.

Steps to Apply

1. Submit an inquiry form

2. Complete the two-part observation experience

Once we receive your Inquiry Form, we will reach out to schedule an observation. Due to the need to minimize campus visitors at this time, space is limited.

The observation experience is a two-part process: observing in the classroom and meeting with administrators for discussion. Both parts must be completed.

Please do not complete an application until you have completed an observation. We will not be able to process the application if you have not observed.

Observations are required for all age groups. For children with two parents/guardians, both are required to attend before the child can be admitted.

3. Submit an application

After the observation, you may complete the online application and pay an application fee of $500. Submitting an application ensures a spot in our wait pool.

MIR uses a system called Ravenna for accepting applications. When you click on the link below, you will be redirected to the Ravenna HUB. Set up an account to complete your child's application. Be sure to enable popups in your browser.

Once you have set up your account, you will see a screen to select your student, the year applying for, and the application type. After completing this screen, you will be taken to a page outlining the remaining application steps for MIR.

Start the application »

If you need technical support with the application, please contact Ravenna directly at If you have an application in process and have questions for the admissions office, please contact

Steps to Enroll

MIR will contact you when space is available for your child. Please notify MIR of any changes to your contact information. Next steps are as follows:

1. Confirm acceptance

Once you confirm acceptance, you are obligated to take the space and continue with the admissions process.

  • If you choose to delay your child’s start date, you may forfeit the application fee and available space.
  • If space is not available by April of the current school year, you will have the option to request a refund of the application fee or to remain in the wait pool for the following school year.

2. Complete the enrollment contract and payment agreement

When your child is admitted, you will be sent a personalized link to our online Enrollment Contract for completion. You must:

  • Complete all forms.
  • Agree to adhere to the terms of the enrollment contract and the policies in the Parent Handbook & Survival Guide.
  • Pay all applicable enrollment fees.

3. Prepare for parent and student meetings

When your enrollment is complete, you will be invited to meet with school administrators and your child's teacher for an orientation and interview. Depending on the age of your child, we may also require visiting days.

4. Complete the licensing paperwork

Prior to the meetings, you will receive a new student licensing packet to complete. This packet must be completed and returned to the admissions office before your child's first day of school.