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Visiting MIR

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1890 Orange Avenue
Redlands, CA 92373

Note that Orange Avenue is not the same as Orange Street in Redlands. Be sure to enter the correct road in your navigation app, or you will find yourself on the wrong side of town.

If you are coming on the 10 East, exit on Alabama Street to avoid truck traffic (your app may suggest California Avenue).

MIR is divided into a south campus, between Iowa Street to the west and Nevada Street to the east, and a north campus, with an entrance on Nevada Street.

Our administrative office is located on the south campus. The nearest landmark is the parking lot for Heritage Park across the street. The south campus entrance is marked by a simple white sign labeled 1890.

The entrance and exits to all parking lots are one-way. Arrows in the entrance and exits to the driveways show which direction is correct.