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Lunch Program

MIR partners with The Grove School to provide a hot lunch program for MIR students who attend Full- and All-Day programs. These lunches are designed to be healthy and well-balanced and feature locally grown produce as much as possible. Lunches are made fresh daily at the Grove kitchen and vegetarian options are available daily. Examples of lunches served include:

  • Chicken soup, fruit, bread
  • Pumpkin curry, rice, salad
  • Chicken tacos, beans, salad, fruit
  • Pork chili verde, rice, tortillas, salad, fruit
  • Lasagna, bread, salad

Ordering and Paying

All lunch orders must be made online and paid for at the time of ordering. Each week, MIR will send an email with a link to order the following week's lunches. Hot lunches are $3 each for Toddlers and $4 each for Primary and Elementary students.

Orders must be placed by 12 p.m. on Sunday prior to the new lunch week. We cannot add, update, or cancel orders after this time as Grove purchases ingredients on Sunday afternoon based on the number of meals ordered.

Please do not order hot lunch for a day your child has a field trip. All orders are final and cannot be refunded.


Grove lunch is available every day except Wednesday. On Wednesdays, we encourage families to foster your child's independence by involving them in the process of packing a healthy and balanced lunch.

  • For Toddlers, your child might participate by helping to wash fruits and vegetables, pour or place items into containers, and by packing the food items into their lunchbox.
  • Primary students can also learn some simple food preparation skills like washing, cutting, and preparing food with adult guidance, and can make choices among healthy options.
  • In Elementary, students have the skills to take on the majority of lunch preparation. In this stage, parents can shift into an advisory role, especially when it comes to establishing what a balanced meal looks like.

When packing lunches, we encourage families to consider the environment by reducing waste. Using reusable containers and eliminating single-use packaging as much as possible will help your children to be aware of and participate in the practice of making daily decisions with sustainability in mind. We have several practices in place at MIR to support this direction as well: recycling, composting food waste, and guiding children to pack their uneaten food back in their lunch boxes so you as a family are better able to assess the amount of food your child is typically eating.