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Partnership with The Grove School

MIR shares its campus with a public charter Montessori middle and high school, The Grove School. Together the two schools offer the complete spectrum of Montessori education on a single campus. You can see this spectrum for yourself at Journey & Discovery. Most students who leave MIR choose to attend The Grove School.

Grove student speaking at Peace Day
Grove student speaking at the joint International Peace Day celebration.

Both MIR and Grove have worked hard to develop and maintain strong communication and synergy between the schools. On a board level, many MIR board members have gone on to become board members at Grove. The previous MIR Head of School (Maura Joyce) was on the search committee for the current Grove Head of School (Ben Moudry), and Ben was recently on the search committee for our new Head of School (Jenny Davidson).

We also have staff and administrators who are parents at both schools, and working on committees and in other support capacities at Grove. A great many MIR students go on to graduate from Grove and on to college or other adventures.

What we have here -- a private school and a charter school sharing space, sharing a philosophy, and sharing students from 18 months to 18 years -- is quite remarkable and quite special.

This breadth of Montessori education is rare, and Montessori educators come from around the world to observe both campuses.

The schools host community and parent education events together, such as last year's viewing of Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age. Grove provides the meals for MIR's hot lunch program. Grove Head of School Ben Moudry is the featured speaker at MIR's annual Coffee, Tea, and M.E. talk on "The Adolescent Brain."