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More than 2,500 students have graduated MIR. Each year we host a Life after Montessori event featuring alumni of all ages (and some alumni parents). Panelists answer the questions of current parents about their education and career paths after they graduate from MIR.

If you're a parent considering MIR, or if you're a current parent, we encourage you to review what the science research says about the outcomes of a Montessori education.

Famous Montessori alumni

MIR graduates join a distinguished list of Montessori alumni. Montessori School of Lake Forest has compiled one of the best, most comprehensive lists.

MIR wants to hear from our alumni!

Alumni support MIR in myriad ways, the most popular being

  • Donating to the MIR Fund
  • Volunteering on campus or in classrooms
  • Sharing your story with current parents at our Life after MIR event and through other means

Help us find lost alumni

If you have an email address or a way to help us re-establish a connection with an MIR alum, please take a moment to email Development Coordinator Jessica Bailiff.