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Life After MIR

More than 2,300 students have graduated MIR in the past 40 years. Many keep in touch informally, and MIR is now formalizing its alumni program.

If you're a parent considering MIR, or if you're a current parent, you've probably come here looking to see what an MIR graduate looks like. You may be wondering "is MIR right for my child?" "Will s/he be successful if they go here?"

We can't predict the future for each child, but we can share with you what the science research says. We invite you to our annual "Life after MIR" Parent Education Night in October to ask your questions directly of MIR alumni ranging in age from middle school to adult.

Famous Montessori Alumni

MIR graduates join a distinguished list of Montessori alumni. Montessori School of Lake Forest has compiled one of the best, most comprehensive lists.