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The MIR Fund is an annual giving program that supplements MIR’s budget to ensure we can provide the best education and opportunities for your child.

Your gift pays for

  • Professional development for staff. Teachers, assistants, and support staff all have a direct impact on your child’s education and well-being. The MIR Fund helps pay for their continued training and development.
  • Campus and classroom improvements. The classrooms and campus are the prepared learning environment for your child. The MIR Fund pays for the big projects that make this among the best campuses in Redlands.
  • Financial assistance for current MIR families experiencing unexpected financial difficulties. The MIR Fund provides for aid to allow children to stay at MIR.

Tuition covers the cost of your child’s education—the great classrooms and materials, your child’s teacher’s salary and benefits, and necessities such as keeping the lights on and toilets flushing. The MIR Fund pays for the investments that make this a great school for your child.

Specific recent investments include (but are not limited to):

  • Converting the entire north campus to solar to significantly reduce electricity costs, especially the cost of cooling five large buildings.
  • Converting the entire campus to drought tolerant landscaping, which has reduced MIR’s water usage by 10,000 gallons a day (not a typo).
  • Building the new Student Services Center to serve more students and more effectively.

Use of the MIR Fund for these investments means more of your tuition money is directly spent on your child’s education.

Support and enhance your child’s education now, and strengthen the school for future generations.

Donors who give $1,000 or more will earn a dedicated paver in MIR's Legacy Path.

Donate now.