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Summer School

Summer at MIR is joyful and enriching for all ages.

MIR's school year calendar is shifting by a week and as a result, there is a week-longer gap between the end of summer school and the beginning of the school year this year. To bridge that gap, this year’s Summer Program spans nine weeks, organized into four two-week sessions and one final one-week session.

You are not required to sign your child up for the same schedule they keep during the school year. For example, if your child normally attends 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and you wish to switch to 9 a.m.-12 p.m. for summer, you may do so. However, if your child is in our Toddler (18 mos.-3 years) or Primary (3-6 years) classes, consistency in routine is very important to children of this age. We recommend against altering their schedule too drastically.

A $100 deposit is required for summer school and may only be applied to the summer program.

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Toddler Program

Toddlers (18 months-3 years) supplement their Montessori experience with activities such as gardening, Sportball, water play, and an outing to the San Bernardino County Museum. The program is open to current MIR students and new students confirmed for the following school year. Students must be a minimum of 18 months old at the start of their summer session.

Primary Program

The summer program for Primary students (3-6 years) provides fun and engaging summer activities to complement their Montessori environment. Full-, all-, and half-day programs are available. Students enrolled in the full- or all-day classes enjoy daily swimming lessons. One field trip per session rounds out students' experiences. Open to current MIR students and new students confirmed for the following school year. New students must be toilet-learned.

Elementary Summer Program

The Elementary summer program is designed to help students build their academic, physical, and social skills while having fun. Field trips each session round out students' experiences. Students may register for morning sessions, afternoon sessions, or all day, and swimming is available as an afternoon choice. Open to current MIR students and new students confirmed for the following school year. Siblings may be able to enroll on a case-by-case basis, space permitting.

How to Register

Current MIR families can enroll now via the Parent Portal. To register for Sessions1-4, log in to the Parent Portal and click on SchoolForms Online in the top navigation. The appropriate forms for your child will be available. To register for Session 5 (the August 6-10 summer camp week), log in to the Parent Portal, click on Family Access Module in the top navigation, then click on Bulletin Board in the side navigation. The link to the Session 5 enrollment form will be listed on that webpage.

New families will be able to enroll starting Tuesday, May 1, 2018.