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As parents, we want our children to help willingly, to be kind to others, and to be unselfish in sharing their things. MIR asks parents to model that same spirit by

  • Assisting in the classroom
  • Volunteering as a PTM room representative
  • Supporting PTM and student events and fundraising as appropriate
  • Donating to the MIR Fund

Donations to MIR are used for:

  • Student financial assistance
  • Faculty training and development
  • Improvements to the campus

Fundraising at MIR

MIR was founded on a legacy of generosity, and sustained by the gifts of time, talent, and resources of generations of families and community members.

In 1976, Leon and Margie Armantrout, along with a handful of other parents, had a vision to create a Montessori school in Redlands. They raised $10,000 to finance the first classroom by selling a treasured classic car and through a donation from Margie's aunt. Since then, countless families, friends, and community members have continued that legacy to ensure the quality and viability of the school for generations.

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